Still thinking about investing in Tesla? Think again.
@BrManPDX | 2 years ago | #stocks

if you're going to do anything, short it. look up article on valuewalk dot com ... Cramer did not recommend it for a long time and then changed his mind. probably due to so much pressure from the price action. now i know why. read that article. read every single word

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@MikeTucker | 2 years ago

Hyundai and Apple are both strong when it comes to marketing, but can they really compete with Tesla on the same level? I have serious doubts... Apple tends to be both paranoid and greedy, and working with them on major projects can be a truly miserable way to doom yourself. I won't mind being proven wrong, but it's going to take some serious work for them to convince me they can match Tesla, and the amount of money they're going to have to spend to make huge, fundamental changes to their manufacturing process alone makes me think they're just too far behind.

@MikeTucker | 2 years ago |[]

Absolutely disagree... Tesla is going to **at least** double in the next few years. It's less than $750 now as of this post and my guess is that it will be $1500+ before the next presidential election, and under the right circumstances they might even start pushing toward $5000.

@rian | 2 years ago

+1 I'm a believer :)

@BrManPDX | 2 years ago

if you are inclined to dig deeper into the subject of self-driving cars then please take a look at this essay that I wrote on the subject of self-driving cars.

@rian | 2 years ago |[]

I think the stock the overvalued if you think of it as a car company. It might be undervalued if you consider it a energy + software + device company.

@BrManPDX | 2 years ago

thanks for reading!

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