DiscoFlip is a free platform to
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your own channel

Hi! I’m Rian and this is my humble attempt at creating a publishing platform that is more equitable.

I want to enable you to grow your community and monetize it.

The platform is still under construction, but grab your channel today.

Drop me a note on #discoflip channel or on twitter @riantogo

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What is a channel?
A channel is primarily a community forum or blog.

How is it different from facebook groups or sub-reddit?
One of the primary goals for DiscoFlip is to create more equitable platform. On those other platforms, the community that you grow, generates monetary value for the platform owner. Our goal is to enable you to monetize your community.

Why should I start right away?
To grab a channel name you like. As the platform attracts more users the popular names will be taken. If you have a topic in mind, get started. It is quick and easy.

How can I grow my channel?
You will have a dedicated link for your channel that you should promote within your networks. As you grow your member count we will help you with badges and highlights.

When can I start making money?
When you reach few hundred followers we will start unlocking monetization tools. We don’t yet know what these tools will be, but it should be a combination of sponsorships, ads and subscriptions. We will work with you.

Start a channel

The website is still under construction. If you use it, you are using it in the capacity of a tester to provide feedback.

While the website is under construction (which it currently is), there should be no expectation of service that you might otherwise expect from a proper functioning website.