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Hi! Iā€™m Rian and this is my humble attempt at creating a publishing platform that is more equitable.

I want to enable you to grow your community and monetize it.

The platform is still under construction, but grab your channel today.

Drop me a note on #discoflip channel or on twitter @riantogo

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A channel is a topic based feed of links, videos, blog posts, or even a discussion forum. Start your own by grabbing a channel name. While you grow your users, we will work on tools for you to moderate and monetize.

Not ready to start a channel? You can post directly to #disco channel

The website is still under construction. If you use it, you are using it in the capacity of a tester to provide feedback.

While the website is under construction (which it currently is), there should be no expectation of service that you might otherwise expect from a proper functioning website.