What 3 stocks should we buy today?
@rian | 2 years ago | #stocks

I'm ready with Robinhood open. What 3 stocks should I buy today?

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@BrManPDX | 2 years ago

Robinhood does not have OTC / pink sheets / penny stocks as far as I know. I bought a tiny amount of US OTC: $CWGYF Carnegie Clean Energy stock. it's a lotto ticket type investment. maybe goes to nothing. maybe makes some money for the investors. short-term only. this is not a long term investment. Full disclosure. I own a small amount of shares. These are risky investments. You may lose your entire investment. There is no guarantee that information provided is accurate or current.

@BrManPDX | 2 years ago |[]

stocks are risky investments. YOU MAY LOSE YOUR ENTIRE INVESTMENT. i just noticed that there was a big dip in NASDAQ: $NPA Space Mobile. could it be a good entry point? some are saying that it will dip further and that the entire market may crash on Thursday which is Dec. 31, 2020. I don't know what to believe. However, I feel happy that I have the shares of $NPA that I have. I checked out their investor presentation on the website.

@rian | 2 years ago

I got some PLTR. And it dipped as well.

@BrManPDX | 2 years ago

as always due your own due diligence regarding volatile market priced securities such as stocks. i am also currently invested in NYSE: $CCI Crown Castle International, which is an REIT. This is a specialized REIT in that it is only concerned with owning and operating wireless mobile infrastructure, i.e. cell phone towers. It is possible that this company will grow quickly with the coming smartphone mobile wireless 5G coverage expansion, which is worldwide. $CCI operates and owns the infrastructure and land that the towers are located on, and wireless mobile service operators pay rent to $CCI. In other words, you can think of it as a "cell phone landlord" although that is an oversimplification. This is a stock that pays a dividend, as is required for all REIT's. It's a profitable business and I feel comfortable recommending it.

@BrManPDX | 2 years ago

recent market price quote courtesy of MarketWatch at the link below for NASDAQ: $NPA Space Mobile : https://www.marketwatch.com/investing/stock/npa

@BrManPDX | 2 years ago

hi buddy i'm so sorry that i missed your message. if you get a chance to buy a few shares of $NPA space mobile sold via the NASDAQ trading market, I think that you will not regret your choice. Robinhood carries NASDAQ, NYSE if I understand correctly. If I understand correctly, RH does ***NOT*** carry OTC/Penny Stocks which is probably for the users protection from scams, hoodlums, and thieves. Good luck To ALLLL. I will come up with some more recommendations in a bit.

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