Commission Only Job?
@MikeTucker | 2 years ago | #sales

BDR. (Business Development Rep)
SDR. (Sales Development Rep)
AE. (Account Rep)

The current trend toward this kind of a structure is the kind of thing that engineers really enjoy, and amateurs really think is good for them.
If you really can't get any other job and you have zero skills, you might want to start in this kind of a position.

In the BDR your job is basically prospecting. You grind and grind and grind, trying to get people interested.
In the SDR position, your job might blur the line between prospecting and getting people ready to buy... Really, it's still a grind.
As for the AE position... Ideally, you're getting a lot of high quality appointments set for you by the people below you.

Among the many problems with this structure, it allows people into sales jobs that shouldn't be there to begin with, and burns them out.
They're already too emotionally weak for the position, and then they are grinding and grinding with no real reward.

The obvious solution is to go back to a "Commission Only" structure.
Top rainmakers know that "salary" is really just a way to rip them off, and you're never going to attract them with some "Account Executive" title.
Get rid of the people who don't belong in sales, and attract the ones who will actually close deals for you without needing a babysitter.

Commission. Only.

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