Simple Ideas Easily Implemented #1: Get There First!
@MikeTucker | 2 years ago | #marketing

There are obvious competitive advantages of being an early adopter of new things:

  1. You see the opportunities first (and can seize them!)
  2. You see the problems first (and can deal with them.)
  3. You can establish yourself as the expert first (be and influencer not just a broadcaster)
  4. You can influence everyone else that comes after you (Most people are always looking for help)

Getting a late start is better than never starting in most cases, but you should watch out for new opportunities at all times and whenever you are able you should always position yourself to get to the market first... Many will never work out the way you wanted, but the few that do will more than compensate you for all your efforts.

What things would you want to be "first" in?

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@BrManPDX | 2 years ago |[]

i don't have any success stories to make you proud of me however I can tell you one thing. marketing is more important than the quality of the product or service that is offered.

@rian | 2 years ago


@MikeTucker | 2 years ago

Well... they're two sides of the same coin, right? I mean, if you don't have a good product and good service, eventually it won't matter how good your marketing is!

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