The project has entered the most difficult phase
@rian | 3 years ago | #discoflip

Getting initial users has been historically difficult for all my projects. I usually give up at this point and move on to something else. But this time I'm going to slog it out. I'm patiently spreading the word online.

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@BrManPDX | 3 years ago

my opinion, even though i have not had a success at marketing a new service, is that since your aim is to get consumers to join, you'll need someone other than yourself to do the marketing, i.e. a consumer, not an engineer. the type of personality that i would look for is zany, gregarious, over the top, funny and not afraid to engage strangers and knows how to talk to them to get their attention ... for example, through flattery. then that person, who you'll have to pay, will go out into the street and offer $5 to anyone who is willing to try your service.

@_norb_ | 3 years ago |[]

I feel you man, all my projects that I have launched usually don't get much traffic, and when they do it lasts maybe a few days, before people never return again. Have you tried posting it on Reddit? That's where I get most of my luck from. Maybe invest a few dollars in google advertisements? I used to mod for a state-wide coronavirus subreddit with about 25k members and about 100k - 150k page views per month, I could try and promote this over there but I'm not sure how I would convince users to make the switch if you have any idea's I'd be open to trying it out.

@rian | 3 years ago

Google Ads is definitely a consideration for Jan

@rian | 3 years ago

I do get some traffic from reddit. But most bigger subreddits are very strict about self promotion. I myself run couple of niche subreddits, but like you said, it wouldn't make sense to promote there. More I think about it, I need to accelerate the monetization tools for channel owners. That way a better positioning will be, "build your community on discoflip and monetize".

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