iPhone 15 is here and it seems... Okay
@riantogo | 6 months ago | #panet

I use iPhone 12 Pro and don't mind spending good money on a device that I spend a good chunk of my day on. This is is especially true as it doubles up as my office phone. I have been using iPhone since its 1st version and have updated the device every other year. But when 14 Pro was launched and it was time to upgrade I skipped the cycle as I wasn't too excited with the incremental changes. I was eagerly awaiting 15 Pro and now that we know what it packs, I'm not too excited this round here.

Check out the comparison on Apple's website. I'm still going to upgrade, but I guess I was hoping for something more.

One feature I really miss is the fingerprint sensor from back in the day. It would have been nice if they brought that back. But for now I will take the camera improvement, some speed improvement, and USB C (although at this time switching to USB C is more pain as I have enough lightning cables at home, work, car etc.).

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