A Simple Publishing Platform
@rian | 3 years ago | #discoflip

I have always wanted to create a simple publishing platform. I have thought about it for years. Along the way we have had many great options (Blogger, Tumblr, Medium etc.). Some layered on social aspects (Facebook, Twitter etc.) while others focused on cultivating communities (Reddit, Forums etc.). There seemed to be a good solution for every need. Some fizzled out while others continue on.

With so many great options I didn’t want to attempt yet another solution looking for a problem. I was a happy consumer and contributor on these platforms. However, today I find that many of these are riddled with deep issues of our times (privacy, bubbles, disinformation, polarization etc.).

Today I see the opportunity to create a publishing platform that incorporates what we have learnt in this space.

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@admin | 3 years ago |[]

How does it incorporate any of that? (srsl)

@rian | 2 years ago

The hypothesis is that economic incentive will keep the forums clean. Hence I will be focusing on monetization tools for forum owners.

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