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my favorite company due to its potential to change the world, is Carnegie Clean Energy OTC pink $CWGYF, however, as an investment it is not a good choice. anyone who buys more than a few thousand shares is probably aiming to hold long term anyway.

That one is not a bright spot in the market however, here is one that in my opinion is often overlooked. Have you ever had a desire to own commercial real estate? Sounds impossible right? You can own shares in commercial real estate through a trust. Just the same way that you can buy bitcoin through a trust, you can buy real estate, and receive rent from your investment through dividends. Here is one such REIT: NYSE: $LADR Ladder Capital Group currently trading at a deep discount to its book value. Koch Industries loads up on this. **ATTENTION DISCLAIMER *** THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE. NO GUARANTEE IS PROVIDED OF ANY PERFORMANCE OF ANY SECURITY MENTIONED HERE **** INVESTING IN MARKET PRICED SECURITIES, SUCH AS STOCKS, IS RISKY. YOU MAY LOSE YOUR ENTIRE INVESTMENT. CONSULT A QUALIFIED FINANCIAL ADVISOR. ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN DUE DILIGENCE.

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